Sunday, 24 July 2011

The best Linux operating system?

                  Kubuntu 11.04 KDE, 32bit with customised icons and wallpaper.

I can bore everyone endlessly with the number of Linux distributions I have tried to get here, but the criteria I have used is that it has to be to some degree user-friendly, solid and reliable with good support for when I get into trouble. Also, the system had to work from the offset, as I wanted minimal tinkering, and maximum working. The final list of contenders were Linux Mint 10 KDE, Simply Mepis, Pardus 2011, PC Linux OS 2011.6 and Ubuntu 11.04 (with the new Unity desktop).
I started with Ubuntu 64 bit, and although I had no major problems with the actual workings of it, I found it to be sluggish even with 4Gb of Ram installed and a Pentium i5 processor. My AMD graphics card (on-board) worked well to start with, but I soon found problems with Compiz crashing, requiring a hard reset, and as hard as I tried, the aesthetics and overall look were just not for me, so I moved on through trying other choices. I must admit that after reading Issue 413 of Distrowatch Weekly, I was looking forward to trying Kubuntu, and finally decided that 32bit was the better choice. The result is a stable, quick (after turning all effects off) system, which has worked out well. The runner-up was Pardus 2011.

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